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creating digital marketing strategy for business

Digital Marketing is one of the biggest benefits that businesses with an online presence are able to take advantage of. When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing services are far better in getting traffic and customers to your business. Dovelp is a UK based digital marketing agency in London that help businesses reach their potential customers by implementing different digital marketing strategies.

When it comes to advertising on the internet, businesses are able to reach more customers across the globe. Businesses no more operate locally, hence increasing the opportunities for sales. The results of digital marketing are also more evident than traditional marketing. There are various tools available on the internet to check and optimize your strategies for digital marketing. 

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Why choose us?

A good marketing strategy focuses on different ways of marketing a certain product. Here we highlight some of the key types of digital marketing that we focus on when marketing your product.

  • SEO
    Search engine optimization or SEO is a way of optimizing business websites on different search engines. Today most of the browsing is done using handheld devices, usually mobiles. Google also follows a mobile-first index when ranking your website. We make sure that your website is responsive enough for the users to have a good user experience while using your website. SEO does not show immediate results but its benefits are seen for a longer period of time once they are in effect.
  • Email marketing
    One of the direct ways of communicating with your customers. Emails are a good way of keeping your audience engaged with your content, letting them know about your offers or maybe some changes that you are about to make in your website. Email marketing when done correctly helps in client retention and increases engagement.
  • Social media marketing
    As the name goes, marketing your product on social media today is one of the best ways to market your product or service. Social media is a place where the target audience is always active and the results can be seen more evidently. Marketing the product using social media posts etc help you to gain instant user feedback from users in London and other cities and elsewhere about your product via social media comments.
  • Content Marketing
    We follow a different approach in this type of marketing, this includes writing blogs and giving information to the clients. The primary focus of content marketing is not to sell your product but to provide information to the clients.
  • PPC
    Pay per click is the paid model of marketing where we run ads about the business in different search engines. This way of digital marketing shows quick results as your website would appear on the top 3 results in any search result.

See our work

Here are a few of the clients we had worked with to design and develop their website: a UK based stone supplier Natural Stone by Safa, an Architecture studio av3Dgraphics, a UK based eCommerce company FashionVilla and a UK-based accounting firm Digitus Accountancy

Our Pricing

We love to stay under our customer’s budgets. To know more about pricing feel free to contact us or book an appointment. You can also talk to one of our members directly on 01582 292057.

We offer our customers 100% free consultation call to know more about our digital marketing strategies which helps our customers to get an idea about how their problem could be solved. So if you are a business looking for a digital marketing agency in London, do give us a call.

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