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In today’s world, there are a lot of problems to solve. With the advancement in the fields of electronics and technology, it is very much possible to solve almost any problem. Dovelp as an organization works with you to turn your envisioned product into reality. IoT products are the best example of products where technology and electronics are solving serious real-life problems efficiently.

The Field of Electronic Product and IoT

IoT also called as Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices that transmit and receive data. These can be sensors that generate data periodically. These sensors can then send their data to applications that are built to process this information and give out certain results. The applications of IoT exist in almost every field today. In agriculture where these sensors are used to test the soil quality, to make our homes, cars and cities smarter. IoT wearable devices are being used to monitor the health and track the activity of an individual on daily basis.

How can Dovelp help you in Product Development

At Dovelp, we are a team of innovative and result-oriented individuals. Our passion and hunger for bringing innovations to reality are unmatched. We always welcome and appreciate entrepreneurial minds that think of developing products that solve real-world problems.

Things we expertise in when it comes to Product Development are


Prototype Design and Development

Rapid Development of functional prototypes that resembles the end product

High Precision Electronic Assembly

Design and development of high quality PCBs that are the heart of your product

Electronic Product Repair Services

Tweaks and improvement that makes your product better than before

We are not only experts in building prototypes, we also create minimum viable products to present your product to investors and focus groups. Our potential for prototyping is highly flexible and can serve for single or multiple prototypes suitable for product setup. When working with us we assist you in

  • New Product development (NPD)
  • Prototype Design
  • High Precision Electromechanical Assembly
  • Component Sourcing
  • Mass Production
  • Electronic Product Repair services

What we have to offer

Dovelp is an organisation that assists you in every phase of development, right from ideation and prototyping to its successful launch. We also extend our services beyond launch by providing repairs and maintenance services. By getting your prototype developed, you can get validation from your customers and investors too, this helps to increase the anticipation of the product in the market. Prototype paves the way for successful product development. We are also partnered with trusted companies that are well equipped to provide you with components and electronic assemblies that you will be needing during your development phase at the best possible costs. 

It is very important to test and tweak the product if necessary after development. We are experts when it comes to making tweaks and providing repairs to the developed products whenever necessary. We take full responsibility and ownership of the product that we work on, hence we strive to make the product near perfect to the initial plan. 

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