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who we are

We are a new digital product
development agency


Cloud Services

Dovelp provides fully managed cloud solutions on all major cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more!
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Network Security

Achieve the highest level of security in your industrial network . Protect machines, systems and know-how from cyberattacks on your network
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Audit Assessment

We at Dovelp tailor our services to your needs, ultimately providing you with industry-standard advice and auditing services.
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Web Development

Add high-converting web-design to your arsenal made by one of the industry leading conversion focused UK teams.
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App Development

Stunning, tailored and effective UI/UX experiences that will keep your customers using your application for hundreds of hours.
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UI/UX Design

Get robust applications that over-deliver with the user experience at the heart of everything. We design clean, modern UI’s that are easy to use and accessible to all users.
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Game Development

We can create fun interactive video games for consoles and PC's. We develop for computers, mobile and tablets, AR & VR, Game Art and eSports
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Web Hosting

We provide flexible and scalable hosting solutions including: Shared, Dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting to suit your needs. Host your game server, website, application or development environment!
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Digital Marketing

Adopt our proven marketing processes and embark on your next high ROI marketing campaign. We utilise SEO, PPC, Email & Social Media Campaigns to expand your business reach!
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Our Mission

Uniting the world with technology.

We believe that shared knowledge and resources are the way to move the world forward.

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Satisfied Clients

Dovelp company's Logo
Dovelp company's Logo Logo
Dovelp company's Logo
Case Studies

An original team of creators
designers & dreamers.

Tech We Use

The People’s Tool for Improving your Business

Dovelp uses a range of technologies to create bespoke digital solutions. Our passionate team will identify the needs of your business and choose the right technologies for your project! We use the latest and greatest frameworks, CMS’s and tools to create cutting-edge applications to help your business grow!

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Why Choose Us

Move from your Digi-Past to the Digi-Future

Tired of wasting your time with unsuccessful, outdated business campaigns? We help push your business to the fore-front of your industry by bootstrapping our proven solutions to your processes and skyrocketing your margins to the stratosphere

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Overcome. Evolve. Dovelp.

Meet the Team

Our team develops cutting edge software and design solutions using a combination of Frameworks.

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Sunil Kumar

CEO and Founder
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Amarjeet Kaur

Chief Accounting Officer
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Arminder Singh

Frontend Developer
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Jack Mardell

Business Industries

What We Serve


What Our Clients Say

As a start-up technology company, having our colleagues work in scattered locations across the country before working with Dovelp, we are extremely grateful for their ability to scale us up to where we are today in a shiny new office.

Mishka Carr

Dovelp has been a very customer-centric company prioritizing communication and meeting deadlines.

Nik James

Dovelp has stepped up to the plate monitoring and guiding our progress with Microsoft and ISO applications.

Steward Rogers

I’m extremely happy with my website, it’s allowed me to take online bookings and my customers love it!

Brenda Knight

I needed a new logo to rebrand my clothing company. The team was very helpful and executed my brief perfectly.  My logo now looks more professional, modern and eye-catching.  I recommend working with Dovelp!

Shaun Gallagher

This company is true to their promises. My team was very satisfied working with Dovelp.

Barry Shaw

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