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In 2021, global retail sales are said to reach 25 TRILLION USD. This is the largest increase in growth for this industry in 10 years. It’s now easier than ever to get into the Retail & Distribution sector with multiple platforms allowing you to have a relatively cheap and fast start.

Young People working on packaging

Shopping Has Changed Forever

Today’s retail world is changing like never before. The new generation is full of digital shoppers who have grown up speaking to Amazon’s Alexa and interacting with touchscreens. Something as simple as grocery shopping in the supermarket has become a rarity, as consumers move to getting produce delivered. The prevalence of technology will continue to grow and shape how consumers define shopping. 

It’s important to start developing business optimizations early which keep this new generation of digital shoppers engaged, especially since the pandemic even more consumers are switching to digital shopping experiences.  For example, in 2021 shoppers in Italy, who traditionally prefer to shop in brick and mortar shops, saw a 45% increase in online digital product sales, which is hard to ignore.

Make the Move Now!

This historical global situation has only accelerated the move to online shopping, so E-Commerce should be a priority for all businesses looking to sell physical products.  You can also see an increase in sales outside your area as moving your business online allows you to sell on a global scale!

The time is now, bring your business online, and see more sales than ever!

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