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Gaming & Entertainment

Since COVID-19, people are preferring to stay at home and to avoid social gatherings. Online gaming has become the only truly safe source of entertainment people can have. Over the past year the mobile phone game market has grown by a staggering 35% with 296 BILLION HOURS played. So, now is the best time to enter the gaming industry.

Young man playing VR game using VR headset

What you need to know

Before entering the gaming industry, you have to know the type of game, industry statistics, game development trends and the platform it’s being released on. Dovelp helps you craft your idea from concept to fully playable game so you don’t have to worry about any of those things. Our CXL certified team partners with some of the biggest games development companies in the UK. Together we build games that are both fun for your player base which will make your business tried, tested and profitable.

Immerse your clients with virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the biggest game development trends for 2021. This trend gives the audience the experience of what they want to get from the games. As the tech gets better and better people are realising that Virtual Reality isn’t a thing of the distant future as it is here right now. Players are engaging and immersing themselves more than ever before and we are at the cusp of a new medium of standard interaction. Are you ready to be a VR pioneer?

Professional Online Gaming

As gaming is being adopted by most of the world, Live Gaming has become the new trend. People have shifted from living room games to full blown stadiums packed with viewers waiting to watch the Top Pro Talent play your game. If you’re opting to make a Multiplayer Game, Dovelp will help you with creating a seamless online experience allowing your game to be played professionally by people from all around the world.

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