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UI/UX Design

While you take care of your customer experience offline, we make sure that your customers have a good one when browsing your website.

What is UI/UX

User experience is at the forefront of every design decision made. That is why Dovelp offers a range of UI/UX design services for mobile, web and desktop applications. Build your user web traffic with intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface designs, specifically tailored to your use-case ensuring an appropriate design for your target audience.

Why work with Dovelp?

we build both functional experiences and aesthetically engaging visuals that are individually adapted to your use-case and provide an appropriate design for your target demographic To keep users engaged with your website.

When it comes to your online digital presence, UI/UX is critical; it’s critical that your website be accessible, visually appealing, and, most importantly, usable!

When we work on projects, we always keep the user experience in mind, and it’s what keeps our customers coming back.


What is the process of web hosting?



A widely used plugin that converts any wordpress website into an online store


A eCommerce platform that allows you to sell offline as well

Big Commerce

Ecommerce platform that allows to big enterprises to sell their products online
  • Product definition:- Before you could even design a service, you must first comprehend its framework. The basis for the finished product is laid during the product planning process. Throughout this stage, UX designers and customers collaborate at the peak point about the product.
  • Interview:- Engaging important customers to gain understanding into company’s objectives.
    Value proposition mapping:- it entails considering the product’s core features and product offerings, such as what it is, who will use it, and why. Value propositions assist the team and stakeholders in coming to an agreement on what the product will be and how it will meet user and business needs.
    Conceptual creation:- generating a moderate design of the upcoming product’s layout.
  • Research:- The product department begins study after you’ve identified your concept. This stage usually entails both client and market analysis. Good research drives design decisions, and engaging in research analysis at the beginning of the project can save a lot of time and money.
  • Analysis:- The analytical stage goal is to derive conclusions from the information gathered during the testing stages, going from “what” users want/think/need to “why” they want/think/need it. Designers check that the team’s main essential expectations have been met during this stage.
    This phase includes:
    Creating user stories
    Creating customer identity
  • Design:- Design engineers go to the concept stage after determining what people desire, require, and anticipate from a service. Product teams carry out a number of tasks during this stage, ranging from information architecture (IA) to UI design.
    Design process includes:
    Developing prototyypes
    Creating designs
  • Testing:- Testing is a crucial phase in the design stage since it enables teams to determine if their design is functional for their intended audience. Because testing with high-fidelity designs gives more useful insight the validity process usually begins after the high-fidelity design is completed.