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A web dev professional presenting his presentation

A website acts as your digital workplace to the online world. It is pretty obvious that more people are likely to visit your website than visit your office. It is very important for your website to look appealing to your visitors and that too in a short span of time. At dovelp, we are a UK based website design company in Ohio. We provide website design and web development and digital marketing services to our clients in Ohio and worldwide. A good design is not something that is out of the box. It is about providing the user with a good seamless user experience on your website. This can be achieved by following good design and UX practices.

Why Choose us

We have experience in working with new and upcoming businesses by providing them with good and efficient web design services. We believe in total client involvement during our web design process. We conduct meetings with our clients to know about their requirements and work on meeting those requirements. We develop prototypes that are aligned with their requirements. These prototypes help them to visualize the requirements and provide us feedback as to how we could improve them. The prototypes capture both the layout as well as user interactions of the website. We intend to create designs that will leave a positive experience in minds of users. This will make the user keep returning to the website. Aligning content as per the hierarchy of importance will ensure that the users focus on information that is important for the business. 

Out of many criteria that make a design good. Here are some of them that we make sure are followed every time. 

  • Maintaining appropriate white-spaces: Too much of anything is not good. Having multiple images, sentences etc might seem to be a good idea but it should be designed in such a way that the website does not end up being cluttered. 
  • Following visual hierarchy: A heading and subheadings should always look different. There should be a vivid difference between these elements on the webpage. This can be done by using different fonts, colours, font-weight etc
  • Maintaining consistency across a website: Consistency in terms of colours, fonts, placement of elements etc should be kept in mind. Having more than 3 fonts or colours can sometimes be disturbing to the user. Different hues of the same font can be used if necessary 
  • Having proper navigation: Every page on the website should be well navigated from another page. This helps the user browse the website without getting lost in navigation. It is said that a page should not be 3 clicks away from the navigation. 

We also have a team of web developers who convert these web designs into working web pages. Our team of developers are well versed in the latest technologies and all the popular web development stacks. They write code that is optimised and does not affect the overall performance of the website. 

See our work

Here are a few of the clients we had worked with to design and develop their website: a UK based stone supplier Natural Stone by Safa, an Architecture studio av3Dgraphics, a UK based eCommerce company FashionVilla and a UK-based accounting firm Digitus Accountancy.

Our Pricing

We love to stay under our customer’s budgets. To know more about pricing feel free to contact us or book an appointment. You can also talk to one of our members directly on 01582 292057.

We offer our customers 100% free consultation call to know more about our web design and development process which helps our customers to get an idea of the process and how their problem could be solved. So if you are a business that is looking for a web design company in Ohio, make sure to give us a call.

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